night rowing on the allegheny river

rowing in pgh1

the water on this cold autumn night was perfect, the antithesis of the devilish waves of my previous post <updated with video proof> \ this time i was not the cox but one of the bow pair rowers / the bow pair individually or together are frequently called upon to steer <so i should really have been a better cox on that windy saturday morning>

this is likely our last nighttime rowing practice on the river <just as my dragon boat team had its final on-the-water practice the previous night> \ we will be changing our clocks this coming weekend and darkness will descend earlier  /  it is not easy to row at night especially since in-sync timing means following the motions of stroke who is six seats in front of me \ i practically cannot see my visual metronome, stroke‘s blade

we rowed upstream and then downstream towards the city / pittsburgh with its three rivers and magnificent bridges is beautiful at any time but even more so viewing its lighted form at night on a calm river silently gliding in an eight-oared shell+

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