season ender: at last, not dfl


this is our last race of the season, the head of the occoquan  /  a beautiful sunny day made the river glitter though at times it turned a bit windy and chilly \ i rowed with a  good novice crew / that felt good, the lineups i had been in all my previous races this year consistently came dfl but not this time!

we drove about six hours from pittsburgh to arlington on saturday \ georgetown was a short walk across key bridge but we spent a good bit of time searching for a place to have our traditional pre-race team dinner / on a busy saturday night, a table for a party of ten is almost impossible to come by \ nice to see georgetown after so many years

occoquan team dinner

i am always nervous before a race / with rowing, so many things can go awry and can affect the outcome of a race or even a practice session \ let me count the ways:  the lineup, since rowers come in differing abilities and sizes | equipment failure like foot stretchers, seats, or oar collars coming off | water conditions that can change hour-to-hour or spot by spot | wind conditions that can be constantly variable | an engaging coxswain or not | non-working coxbox | race rules that can change at short notice

then there’s the rowing technique itself with many parts that have to come together for the individual rower | that have to be acted out in synchrony as a team /  but that is what i love about rowing = the challenge of mastering these irritations and the supreme focus needed to achieve mastery \  i also enjoy the camaraderie of my teammates and fellow athletes  / we come from different backgrounds and though we have different motivations for taking up the sport, i think we are united by one common goal especially at every race and that is, not to let the team down, not to catch crab, not a good thing

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