public storm warning signal #4


some of the most indelible memories i have growing up in the philippines were around natural disasters especially earthquakes and typhoons plus volcanoes erupting < ring of fire is not just a song > /  as a six-year old, earthquakes constantly evoked the fear of the “tall” apartment building across the street falling on our house \  the seasonal typhoons were predictable and did not elicit that fear of falling steel and cement structures / i lived in the city and typhoons tended to ravage the countryside \  rather, schoolchildren like myself anticipated with secret happiness, signal #2  |  that meant we got to stay home from school /  it would need to be signal #3 for college students to enjoy this reprieve  \  so i am reading about typhoon yolanda  | aka haiyan elsewhere | currently ravaging the central islands of my native country and found that eastern visayas was under signal #4  <signal #4?>  i do not recall a signal #4  |  indeed it was instituted 22 years ago and this was the first time that it was used outside of luzon |  apparently, signal #3 did not accommodate the upper limits of typhoons and suggests that typhoons have increased in intensity over time

it is late saturday morning in the philippines and the forecast is that a weakened yolanda is on schedule to make an afternoon exit  /  damages she caused are now being assessed  <earthquakes, typhoons, volcanoes erupting> all part of life in the islands and life goes on

07 november 2013


08 november 2013


09 november 2013


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