love what you hate

first snow-first erg

captures positive thinking \ and is our rowing team’s unofficial slogan thanks to our mate with the funny accent / today was our first day of indoor rowing training which coincidentally is also our first snowfall in pittsburgh \ both did not disappoint < 8x500s with 20 second switches |  2 inches & 30 degrees > / i enjoyed our many sunny weeks on the river from spring to summer to early fall \ it will take a lot of motivation to erg for the next 20 or so weeks  / much more, to endure winter < but trivial in comparison to the typhoon disaster that devastated my home country >

i did not mind the snow until i had to drive / two years living in ithaca, new york left me with this beautiful romantic impression of snow & winter that i expected or hoped to find wherever i ended up living after grad school  <ithaca experience only slightly marred by the fact that grey hill house * alas gone! * was located on bleeding nose steep east buffalo street>

the necessity of driving dispelled all such hope |  so <love what you hate> will have to sustain me for awhile

teammate with funny accent practising what he preaches: in case you can’t tell, he’s doing a side plank < on a stony beach in england >

“proof of plankiples”

121113 plank

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