new store on the block

new oriental store1

it’s on smallman near the 31st street bridge, the only oriental store for many blocks away from the hustle and bustle of the strip / i pass it everyday and a few months after it opened i finally found reason to visit < out of rice, need lumpia wrapper > on a friday evening, i am one of five customers \ having found the 25 lb bag of milagrosa jasmine rice and spring roll wrappers of just the right size, i meander about the store / it is stocked up with the delights i seek:  roasted chestnuts, salted duck eggs, rice crackers and … < ramen noodles! >

i’m probably not alone among former graduate students when i confess that ramen noodles hold a special place in my stomach \ since then ramen noodles has been a pantry staple / i was searching for the spicy version that i had discovered in the past year or so \ it was not the typical 20 cent bland ramen < it is premium-priced @$1.89 and  spicy seafood flavored >  here it is only 99 cents!  when i inquired about it, i was told it was not typically sold in cases but they would sell it to me, with a 10% discount  / i resisted, instead got a sampling various brands including their premium-priced ramen noodles black \ black probably because of the lonely sliver of dried black mushroom that comes with one of the three (!) seasoning packets, indeed a class above ramens


this new store “many more” was featured in the  1/30/14 pittsburgh post gazette article about asian markets in pittsburgh

new asian store-many more1


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