google=nefarious cookie monster


i could have titled this post “the price of information” or “the cost of your digital life” but google’s actions that i had not known before today galled me / the news was about google’s $17mm settlement with the attorney general for bypassing the privacy settings of safari users / they installed doubleclick <ad server> cookies without informing users \ safari to me is like a safe haven from google eyes / and this revelation is disconcerting

since google changed its privacy policies more than a year ago, their placement of highly relevant, well-timed banner ads wherever i go in my non-apple devices is not helpful but creepy and annoying / i can fend for myself, thank you \ it’s like the obtrusive salesperson tailing you when you just want to be left alone / and how much do they know? \ coincidentally, i had just deleted my facebook account / though i kept mostly to myself, facebook is still too loud and too intrusive of my space \ i find the newsfeed too pushy and on the whole, this facebook thing is too social for me

so in exchange for information and a digital life are bits of yourself | the onus is on the user to keep these bits private as one desires / i have made it a practice to regularly delete cookies and to use in-private browsing in explorer, incognito window in chrome and private in safari \ but all these precautions are probably moot / google won’t need, doesn’t need cookies \ they can already track us with our omnipresent devices

google’s iphone tracking

the total settlement is a trivial $40mm


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