zombie cookies, anyone?


my favorite curmudgeon has warned me that though i have deleted my facebook account, they can still track me / via zombie cookies, he says \ what?  they don’t just come out on halloween | these are deleted cookies that can be resurrected to keep tracking us and  they never die  / before they become the undead they are known as flash cookies or local shared objects <the “flash” is from adobe flash> all is not lost, browsers such as firefox has a betterprivacy add-on option that gets rid of flash and zombie \ whew! we’re safe

but that is old news \ the future of the cookie is not sugary and bright having overburdened its primary use as a simple and temporary data storage <it is now used for profiling, segmentation, optimization, web analytics, etc> and has caused problems for online publishers, advertisers, product managers, etc so google for one is developing alternative ways of tracking us without cookies



it is a struggle, commerce vs. privacy | the digital world has culturally and radically changed us and how we interact with each other, how we consume & produce content, how we do things \ most would agree that the economic viability of the internet is important / and some of us are probably willing to give up some privacy in exchange for the world that we have stepped into and increasingly come to happily inhabit more and more \ as with anything else, i would like to be able to make my own choice on how i digitally engage

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