bach brandenburg concertos in pittsburgh

brandenburg concertos in pittsburgh

the brandenburg concertos performed by chatham baroque & friends convinced my favorite young musicians that bach is the greatest composer of the baroque period / <but vivaldi is good too, they added> / heartening to know that they do appreciate classical music | maybe deep inside \ because boring is what i hear from them about classical music  \ the 20th century club near sailors & soldiers in oakland is a beautiful elegant venue / across the river, mgmt was playing at stage ae \ theorbo player in picture is my lute teacher, scott pauley of chatham baroque / harpsichordist never turned pages while performing

from npr | performance today’s milestones of the millennium

Few musical works are as loved–and as often performed–as the six “Brandenburg” Concertos by Johann Sebastian Bach. These six works display a lighter side of Bach’s imperishable genius. Yet they came into being as an unexpected gift. That’s what happened in 1721 when Bach presented the Margrave of Brandenburg with a bound manuscript containing six lively concertos for chamber orchestra, works based on an Italian Concerto Grosso style. The Margrave never thanked Bach for his work–or paid him. There’s no way he could have known that this gift–later named the Brandenburg Concertos–would become a benchmark of Baroque music and still have the power to move people almost three centuries later.

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