chasing the blues

lisa simpson

i get the blues < deep blues > during winter & the holidays and even worse when i am sick / my refuge is playing classical guitar \ i had many hours to do so recently and for quick gratification i used guitar tabs / easy baroque pieces  for classical guitar delivers on its title \ the arrangements do not sound oversimplified yet they really are easy to master / and after having a couple of tries learning the difficult lute < which frustratingly would not stay in tune > going back to the guitar restored my confidence

i like the guitar because it sounds good with any genre and you can choose the appropriate type to suit you < classical * acoustic * electric * bass * 12-string > \ the skills for guitar playing are also translatable to any fretted instrument such as the lute, uke, mandolin and banjo / and it’s easy to learn especially with tablature

try these pieces < for a quick lesson, google guitar tablature and go on youtube for a quick tutorial >  one is from the 17th century and the other from 2002 / somewhere in this post, the titles are revealed


click image to enlarge

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