from top form to zilch | mind-body medicine

from top form to zilch it was a viral thing that came fast and furious exactly a week before thanksgiving and did not leave me until two days ago \ healthy through two consecutive flu seasons, this took me by surprise / and the only explanation could be that my body had let its guard down after my first major project wound down and the rowing season ended \ my pcp agreed that stress impacts one’s physical well-being

psychoneuroimmunology < pni > is surprisingly a new field with no widespread acceptance / as the term implies there is a connection between one’s mental state & the immune system and consequently, one’s health \ pni explains why college students catch a cold or fall ill after exams / and it can also explain how happiness can boost the immune system \ i’d like to think of the mind-body connection as a coping strategy \ just keep me healthy enough to perform at a high level as long as i need to | there’s the promise of forced rest and restoration when the need is gone / a strategy that needs refinement, maybe chilling out more during periods of stress

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