much ado?

much ado?

the latest results of the programme for international student assessment < pisa > once again reminds us that we suck in math and science / while my colleague who is asian like me gets riled up in frustration with news such as this, i have resorted to creative pondering | are we placing too much stock on these tests?  \ despite our youth’s mediocre performance for the past 50 years, the u.s. has driven the digital & information technology innovations of the past decade | with profound consequences to the world or to be more dramatic, to humankind / the atlantic article below expresses similar sentiment

there is an indomitable creative & innovative spirit in this country that is unparalleled elsewhere \ i do not mean to rationalize our mediocre performance and it’s imperative that we radically improve our educational system / but we should also recognize that equally, if not more important, are the qualities of creativity and innovativeness that has served us so well \ formal schooling alone does not bequeath these qualities / rather our culture of individualism & independence engenders this bold, pioneering ethos that continues to propel us forward despite our academic failings

and my proposed short-term solution as a hedge to our math/science problem:  grant u.s. citizenship to newly minted phds in the math | science | engineering fields and provide incentives for them to live & work here

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