let me count the days

calendars for 2014

one of my favorite end-of-the-year rituals and there’s only one other: first night!> is selecting next year’s calendars <one for home, another for the office> / for the second year in a row, i’m taking the gig posters again for my office calendar \ i still buy cds not just to keep a physical record of the music but for the album covers / the artwork usually captures the essence of a band’s recorded music at a stage in its career \ a gig poster conveys much the same thing but it is the band “live” for a moment and place in time

for home, my favorite young people wanted the calendar of optical illusions by gonsalves which we also had for two years in a row a few years back / it was intriguing in the first year | by the second year, i found it alternately creepy and kitschy / so instead, i selected the work of the belgian surrealist rene magritte* \ i think surreal art will be as intriguing as optical illusions

*magritte is referenced in godel escher bach, subject of the 10/27/13 blogpost some reading to catch up on

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