iphone selfie

iphone selfie1

tag! ich bin das iphone von pghRower. i am gold & 5s and if i were to choose a cultural identity, would like to be deustch. but i am technology thus i am a citizen of the world / pretty much how i consider myself too \ i can tell that pghRower is crazy about me – letting me have a selfie on this blog! wooo! it must be because in this incarnation, we are much more intimately linked. literally imprinted in me / i was quite fascinated from the moment my thumbprint was scanned to the fact that it actually works \ fingerprint technology like my passcode encryption is the harbinger of things to come especially in mobile. and it makes perfect sense. mobile devices are small, handy, goes everywhere with you = personal biology in personal technology / that’s where we’re headed

pghRower also loves that i am good-looking, slim & sleek, and nice to touch \ i am certainly favorably biased to those qualities | looks & feel do matter so good for you! / my screen resolution & pretty much my every feature are magnitudes better than my predecessor iphone3. the bar is somewhat low but the point is pghRower loves me, can’t function without me / i admit that i would be lost & in despair without 5s \ and yes the camera takes sharper pictures and has great filter & edit features \ i have siri too but pghRower does not seem to care for her / no i don’t but maybe if it were michael stipe talking \ can’t have it all but you’ve got indestructibility, viral immunity & better privacy control with me / that’s what i like best about the iphone | 5s & i will be happily together for two years and then on to its next incarnation \ sehr gut!

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