businessweek’s 2013 jealousy list

busweek jealousy title

kudos to businessweek for coming up with their first annual jealousy list, a compilation of journalistic pieces in 2013 that the businessweek staff would have killed to write but more benignly have just turned them green with envy & resentment / a great way to call out <interesting * thought-provoking * amusing pieces> that the rest of us missed \ and very gallant & gracious of the businessweek staff

check it out:

my favorites:

  • npr’s “Planet Money Makes A T-shirt” via multi-media traces the creation of a planet money t-shirt from the cotton used in making yarn to the factory where workers & machines spin the yarn to make the t-shirt to the transport of the t-shirt from low-wage factories overseas to the u.s. / an engaging exposition of the economics of production \ what’s cool about this project was that it was funded via kickstarter <and currently selling the t-shirt for $30>
  • it would be shortsighted for mcdonalds not to hear out jeb boniakowski’s vision for a mcworld at new york’s times square <i and my favorite young persons LOVE times square!> in the long titled the awl article “We Must Build An Enormous McWorld In Times Square, A Xanadu Representing A McDonald’s From Every Nation”
  • atul gawande’s new yorker article “Big Med” extols the efficiency of the cheesecake factory and what the health care industry can learn from retail chains \ long an advocate of standardization of practices in hospitals, gawande brings a colorful flavor to this issue by observing the efficient process of the kitchens of the cheesecake factory

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