my 2014 yinzer car~

my yinzer car1

thanks to my two favorite people, i will now be driving not just any new car but what they have christened my Yinzer Car~ yeah! / pittsburgh winters are not the most pleasant for driving-averse people like me \ but with a Yinzer Car~ <all-wheel drive | steelers*penguins*pirates*hunting decals are standard> i know i’ll be alright through sleet & snow!

side note:  a nice friendly female salesperson sold me the car at shadyside honda / i paid more than if i had purchased from the monroeville dealer but the snideness & condescencion of the men there was offensive enough – so i took my business elsewhere \ they were quite busy and not lacking in customers so i knew that it would be unlikely that i could negotiate / they could have parried me in a nice way \ but it seemed like kneejerk reaction to them to brush off & talk down to a female customer / it was very easy to walk out


mileage:  690 one month later, 1001 on 2/10


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