caliban book shop

inside caliban

410 south craig street, pittsburgh pa 15213 

for this year, i resolve to read more books | and not just in the summer but year-round / the goal is to read <in their entirety> two books a month \ with that in mind, i visited one of my favorite pittsburgh places caliban book shop in the oakland neighborhood / caliban is a bookstore of used & rare books as well as music in vinyl & cd \ i worry that it will go the way of other independent book shops <annihilated by amazon> / amazon also sells used & rare books but it seems dissonant, less satisfying and emotionally removed to buy rare books without physically browsing & searching for them \ “rare” doesn’t necessarily mean really old or first edition but can simply mean out-of-print <because they are older editions> or had limited printing <because they were not bestsellers or are reference books>

my great finds:  old editions of aaron shearer’s classical guitar technique vol. 2 (1964) frederick noad’s the baroque guitar (1974) berkelee series a modern method for guitar vol. 2 (1968) \ i always leave caliban with a smile / today’s finds:  the six brandenburg concertos & the four orchestral suites in full score (1976)  bluegrass fiddle (1974)  gutenburg: how one man remade the world with words (2002)  new order‘s excellent 2cd-set substance (1987) \ will be reading gutenburg while waiting for my amazon books to arrive~*

more about caliban:

* tilde is this blog’s typographical mark for irony or sarcasm, see 1/2/14 blogpost a book about typographical marks

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