because rad!


by now, you probably know that the american dialect society <composed of word experts> has chosen because as the 2013 word of the year <by a landslide> / because rad! \ back in november 2013, the editorial staff of the oxford dictionaries selected selfie as its woty <it was added to in august 2013 & under consideration for inclusion in the oed> / in the same month, the global language monitor reported 404 <the near-universal code for failure on the global internet> as its top word \ unlike the ads & oxford which vote on the woty, glm uses statistical analysis of language usage in print and electronic media, on the internet, on the blogosphere and on social media to determine its top words of the year

in all three panels, the selected word must have had prevalent & notable usage / but you can infer from the table above the differences in context in which the words arose & the three distinct selection processes \ i like the ads wotys the best | it is closest to actual usage in the u.s. & are almost like memes that reflect the news, issues & concerns facing us in those years \ i certainly have a greater affinity to those words than the other panels’ selections/ especially with this year’s ads woty \ so glad it wasn’t twerk!

because advocate:

the last word from the selectors themselves:

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