question & answer


just revisited* question & answer <a 1989 collaboration of pat metheny, dave holland & roy haynes> / the guitar-bass-drums trio is my favorite jazz format because of q&a\ it is the perfect combination of instruments & musicians and such great material! <especially the title song, change of heart & all the things you are> / critics & my guitar teachers give higher praise to trio 99->00 by another metheny trio | the one with bassist larry grenadier & drummer bill stewart \ but to me this is the ultimate trio & the perfect session

and i’m speaking about the original “untampered” version \ it was remastered in 2008 & sounded different from when i first heard the album back in 1990 / the original recording sounded organic,  a real live jam session of three great musicians, each instrument holding its own but all three coming together to tell a story \ to my ears the remastered sounded too clean & clinical <especially roy haynes’ drum runs> just not the way i remembered it / to which my summer guitar teacher responded that i should get my ears checked & that i definitely needed professional music help 🙂

*what made me listen to it today was reading in guitar player that the great  jim hall passed away last month <he recorded a guitar duo with pat metheny in 1999>

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