a book about a made up irish soul band

the commitments

the commitments (1987) is roddy doyle’s debut novel <first of the barrytown trilogy> made into a movie in 1991 and into a musical in 2013

this is the story of young unemployed working class kids who form a soul band / what gives the story its character is that the kids are from dublin \ jimmy rabitte, their imaginative ringleader, declares that the irish are the blacks of europe -> dubliners, the blacks of ireland -> north dubliners, the blacks of dublin / ergo they should be a soul band, the commitments

their commitment was to soul, the music of the people, simple music by ordinary people for ordinary people \ thus joey the lips fagan <the most experienced & oldest> found it alarming that dean <sax> had been listening to jazz <abstract, intellectual, musical wanking> and who did charlie parker play to? “… middle-class white kids with little beards & berets. in jazz clubs. jazz clubs! they didn’t even clap. they clicked their fingers.” \ but for dean jazz was art, self expression, no rules, no walls <while soul was – “four corners an’ you’re back where yeh started from”>

the story ends with the band breaking up due to internal strife / jimmy & the rest form an irish punk-country band \ i would have liked the book more if there had not been the movie / which captured the essence of the book but gave it even more color with the outstanding musician-actors & great soul music <mustang sally>!

if you google “irish soul band,” the commitments will surely turn up along with some real irish soul bands — who seem to be popular at weddings

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