kraftwerk | electronic music pioneers


last week, a friend excitedly emailed me saying that he had gotten tickets to kraftwerk‘s sold out concert in chicago in march / he was so excited that he had to tell somebody & really didn’t know anyone else who cared 🙂 \ true — not many know kraftwerk, much less their influence in electronic music / i was in a statistics class & his enviable news broke my concentration \ i then read that they will be conferred a lifetime achievement award by the grammy’s / it’s great that with this honor, more people would know of their contribution to music

kraftwerk is an original / formed in 1970, they pioneered electronic music & were innovators / their studio was their sound lab & they made their own instruments <they have a patent for an electronic drum kit with sensor pads, they use a custom built vocoder>\ this friend had introduced me to kraftwerk when radiohead came out with “king of limbs” which i found too electronic <my preference is for acoustic sounds> but he suggested i listen to some electronic bands /from among his suggestions i was drawn to kraftwerk \ they were revolutionary for their time | they looked nerdy weird & they used weird instruments | their sound was unique & their music catchy / i hear them in today’s electronic dance music & in other bands i like such as new order / i am fan of coldplay only because of “talk” — it used <with pemission> the main riff of “computerliebe,” my favorite kraftwerk

back in april 2012, we tried to get tickets to kraftwerk‘s retrospective exhibit at moma / it was the first time  moma presented a  musical act as an exhibit \ for eight consecutive nights, they played each of their albums in chronological order / i excused myself from a meeting to get into as thousands of others did \ neither of us could even log on to the website / and so i am very happy for him & also very envious!

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