fish heads, fish heads

fish heads

roly poly fish heads … <by comedy rock duo barnes & barnes, see their 1979 video> i did not know this song until i came to the states \ it was apparently the most requested song in “kids america”  <american public radio | 1980s>  / real fish heads though are not popular fare in the typical american home or restaurant \ in my native philippines & in most other asian countries, fish is served in its entirety | head and all

i grew up eating a variety of fish, nearly everyday \ my favorites are bangus <milkfish> our national fish | especially inihaw na bangus <grilled bangus stuffed with tomatoes & onions> \ lapu lapu <grouper |named after the datu of mactan who resisted the spanish colonizers & killed in combat ferdinand magellan, spanish explorer credited with “discovering” las islas filipinas > i can never forget my mother’s baked lapu lapu / and dilis <anchovies>  tiny fish that are dried & fried and eaten as a snack \ philippine fishes have varied textures & are much more flavorful than the typical fish served here in america / i hopelessly miss them | unlike other delicious filipino food such as adobo, lumpiang shanghai, pancit palabok & kare kare, i cannot replicate fish dishes because the fresh main ingredient is 8,207 miles away

more about philippine fishes

great advice from npr’s the salt:

endorsement for fish heads by the food and agricultural organization <fao> of the united nations:

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