reblooming orchid

reblooming orchid5

store-bought orchid plants do not always rebloom and in general, these exotic flowering plants have a reputation for being “difficult” / so when they do rebloom, you think you’re a great gardener \ the first floor of my house with its large windows used to look like a greenhouse | ferns & other foliage, gardenia, jasmine & other fragrant flowers, flowering bulbs, rosemary & lavender, pothos, cacti, rubber plant, my favorite scheffleras were in every available space

not anymore in recent years \ there would be the occasional orchid because i love orchids & this one is from december at trader joe’s / it was a pleasant thrill to see it grow buds & in the last week, to see one of them blossom \ i attribute this performance to its location | in the middle of the kitchen island where it probably gets the optimal temperature & humidity / this is the second time i’ve had an orchid rebloom <same kind of orchid but it was in a sun-filtered room with a multitude of other plants> / i’d like to think i’m an accomplished gardener but it’s more likely that i’m just lucky

can you see what looks like a young chick or duckling in the middle of the orchid? strange-looking…

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