the birds | two invasions & a roosting

three bird stories

as i looked out my office window on feb 11 to check river conditions, i did notice white stuff right smack in the middle of the allegheny river / turned out to be seagulls \ having a congregation of seagulls  in the steel city is apparently rare <some of them from the arctic!> | they should be hanging out elsewhere but the extreme cold has brought them to us

just like the snowy owls that arrived during thanksgiving <not in pittsburgh>\ snowy owls don’t usually reach the u.s. in their migration | very few are typically spotted in the northernmost states \ aside from landing in very surprising places such as nebraska, kentucky & georgia <!>, the snowy owls also experienced “irruption” or a rapid population boom <thanks to the abundance of lemmings | sorry, lemmings, but such is the natural life> / a very cool thing is that they have equipped some of the beautiful snowy owls such as hungerford pictured above with gps devices that report back data <via cellphone network> every three days \ check out project snowstorm’s wordpress website! / the invasion has turned into a research project <appropriately for our times, it was kickstarted & supported by crowdfunding>

certainly both are welcome invasions especially the owls whom my favorite young artists & i love to portray in our artwork / then there are the pittsburgh bald eagles whom we can observe in real time \ watch earlier videos of them building their nests / currently, they are incubating three eggs / the first one is expected to hatch on march 26!

snowy owls’ location origin & destination

map-owl-sightings-624click to enlarge

meet the gps’d snowies:

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