day 4 | dragon boat camp


by the afternoon of our first day on the water, my paddling had already improved / that is how effective coach albert is to me as an individual & i think for the team as well \ i can certainly abide by “relax during recovery” / and agree that there is tremendous power with the heel-core connection in paddling \ as a rower, i understand the power of the legs-core-back / one thing new to me is the function of the back bench in a dragon boat \ just as my position in the rowing shell is as one of bow pair, on the dragon boat i am one of bench 10 pair < in both sports, small people are the best fit at the back > in dragon boating, the back benches <back 4 or back 6> are used if the coach|steerer wants an extra push or surge such as in a race or here at camp when we had side-by-side drills with another boat <we’re not competitive 🙂 >

today was another great day <beautiful weather-wise as well> | we covered about 10k with very short breaks between 1 to 4 minute stretches on the dragon boat \ then a few of us went to the channel on the OC2 <2-person outrigger canoe> \ this is how dragon boaters can practice on their own or with a partner / much like 1- or 2-person sculling in rowing \ paddling on an OC is much easier than on a dragon boat / because the paddle blade is wider & angled, i found the effort to make a good stroke so much easier | no need to stretch as much because the blade is already angled to give momentum \ it is also less straining because paddlers change sides by calling “hut-hoe” / after a few missteps, my partner & i learned to turn the OC2 effectively 🙂

tomorrow, again we get videotaped, reviewed, and provided with individual help \ the camp ends on saturday with a 2k race | definitely looking forward to that!

pittsburgh paddlefish videos from camp!

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