about a newly discovered nickel-eating plant

metal eating plant1

a new species of nickel hyperaccumulating plant, rinorea niccolifera, was recently discovered in the philippines <specifically in zambales province in luzon>\ by a team of scientists led by dr. edwino s. fernando of the university of the philippines in los banos / the new species can consume, without poisoning itself, 100 to 1000 times more metal than other plants \ nickel hyperaccumulation is a rare phenomenon / discoveries such as this offer exciting possibilities of practical applications: hyperaccumulator plants as green technology \ such as phytoremediation which is the use of hyperaccumulator plants to remove heavy metals in contaminated soil and phytomining which is growing & harvesting hyperaccumulator plants for the purpose of gathering commercially valuable metals

my work colleagues and i were recently pondering what the next advances in technology will be as we discussed the atlanticcities.com’s recent article on google’s driverless car \ my favorite analyst feels that it would be in transportation <love his example of “car drops me off at the airport, i tell it to go home & pick me up later,  i won’t have to pay for parking!” | then we got to thinking, hey car can take us to & from work!  we won’t have to pay for parking!> / i agree that it would be in this realm & also that we will increasingly have mobile-enabled houses & appliances that are also economically viable

and there will always be the promise of new possibilities, cures  & innovations as a result of the global scientific community’s continuing exploration, study & research of the natural world such as discovering nickel-eating plants


a pdf of the journal article is here:


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