al fresco

lunch al fresco 13 may 2014

one of the nicest things about working dahntahn* is the vast offerings for dining – both cuisine & place / my favored place is out in the sun at either market square <no available table today!> or ppg plaza \ which is where i enjoyed my first day of lunch out! \  it was 93 degrees F at 5pm today! /the polar vortex is a distant memory of negative degrees!

it was definitely sunscreen weather & the air was warm even on the allegheny river at rowing practice / alas for rowers, the forecast does not look good for sunday / the forecasted waterflow is 108 kcfs! \ to compare, the waterflow at 1:30 pm today was 19.3 kcfs  / and the safety zone matrix has max 60 kcfs within the safety limits given certain conditions / if the forecast is realized, our boathouse at washington’s landing will likely be flooded & our equipment will need to be moved to higher ground \ let’s hope we won’t get torrential rain in the next few days!

latebreaking news:  sadly, the pittsburgh penguins lost to the philly rangers <2-1> and ends their season

*pittsburghese for downtown

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