world cup futbol @market square

us-belgium market squarei never thought i’d be able to watch this year’s world cup / i don’t have a television \ during previous world cups, we were at the beach condo where there was a television / so when i heard that a big screen was being set up at market square for the 4pm u.s. vs. belgium match, i decided to drop out of rowing practice <i’m sure coach understands> \ the average age of the crowd was “young” and the standard deviation, tight / i imagined them as 10- to 12-year old boys & girls from 12 years ago \ that’s one nice thing about soccer, girls played it too / a young woman knowingly answered my questions about the rules of the game

it was very festive, very red-white-and-blue / a baby & a golden retriever wearing a soccer shirt were my neighbors \ we cheered & vuvuzela’d each of the 16 saves that tim howard made / we cheered & clapped each time the u.s. stole the futbol \ after belgium’s second goal, the crowd thinned out / those of us who stayed were just waiting for a miracle \ and we got half / we gave our loudest cheer & vuvuzela when the u.s. scored its only goal \ but time had ran out / and i had strong urge for nola fries & a good stout

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