summer beer project | day one

summer dogfish beer project - day1a

what became my annual summer beach project started with an article about ancient beer recipes in the smithsonian magazine

at that time, we had been going to rehoboth beach in delaware for 11 years \ but i was unaware of dogfish head beer or the existence of its restaurant right here / or its brewery in nearby milton \ i was also a staunch non-beer drinker / but my geeky curiosity about a beer  based on a recipe developed by dogfish in consultation with an archeologist got the better of me \ thus i walked to the dogfish restaurant for lunch and had “midas touch”

this is the 4th year of my delightful summer beach project \ a different dogfish at lunch everyday for 7 days at the restaurant

we left pittsburgh at noon & got to rehoboth at 7pm \ after dropping off our stuff at the same condo we’ve been staying in for 15 years now, we headed to dogfish / the long waiting time was spent previewing the stores that my favorite young people want to shop

tonight’s premiere:  “birra etrusca bronze”based on an ancient italian beer from around 800 bc \ this ale is made from pomegranate, raisins, hazelnut flour, honey, gentian root & tree resin sweet, very flavorful & very fragrant / i liked that it was more nutty than fruity & that it was 8.5 % abv \ had wonderful grilled wings, calamari & fried pickles | root beer for the underage / nice kickoff to my exclusively dogfish beer week!

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