archived emails | 2012 summer beer project’

2012 summer dogfish beer project

i cannot believe i was able to compile my beer project emails from 2012!  emails that i inflicted for seven days on patient friends 🙂

7/21/12, 1st beer of my beach vacation
aside from reading a book a day, i’ll strive to drink a dogfish beer a day, i promise.  1st day: theobroma, brewed w/ aztec cocoa, chilies, honey, etc., dates back 1200 b.c. very nice!!!! love it

7/22/12, day 2 “ta henket”
ta henket is brewed w/ ancient form of wheat, loaves of bread, chamomile, doumpalm fruit, etc. nice too.  different from last night’s nutty flavor.


7/23/12, day 3 “positive contact”
positive contact, big wit type brew with apples, apple cider, cilantro, cayenne pepper, farro and caplypso hops, very flavorful, more bitter/less sweet than previous two but I like bitter, having with grilled rockfish; will check if have bottled version

collaboration between dogfish & one of ethan’s favorite hip hop musicians to commemorate the band’s reunion & release of new material, named after song in deltron 3030 (released in 2000)


7/24/12, day 4 “urkontinent”
urkontinent, belgian dark ale with flavors of coffee and chocolate flavored cherries; ingredients include wattleseed, toasted amaranth, green rooibos, etc. my favorite so far – i like nutty dark beer!  having it with fish and rice (sub from fries)…. fish looks good. this brew is 8 pct abv; theobroma was 10 pct .


7/25/12, day 5 “namaste
belgian-style white made w/ dried orange slices, fresh cut lemongrass & coriander… okay changed my mind – this is my favorite… definitely a thirst quencher! drinking it like water… this is just 5 pct abv.  getting short rib again


7/26/12, day 6 “black & red
changed my mind again – this is the best! my reaction on my 1st sip was “oooooh!” very unexpectedly flavorful on the sweet side.  it is “….dry minted stout with a serious fruit problem.  loads of roasty, minty with a tart fruit background.”  having steak & rice (sub for fries) with it.  black & red is 10.5 pct abv

7/26/12, day 6 1/2 “90 minute ipa”
90 minute ipa, we are at an applebee’s…i don’t like ipa’s but there’s no choice here…


7/27/12, day 7  “limited release sampler”!
i was torn between firefly ale & sah tea (the rest are my antonia, namaste & theobroma) and this being the last day – got a sampler. love sah tea among the 3 new ones!  firefly is english pale ale, fruity, citrusy, 5 pabv; my antonia is imperial pilsner, 7.5 pabv; sah tea is finnish, fermented w/ german weizen yeast, 9 pabv; having calamari and grilled rockfish (both again).  great finish huh?

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