tim burton movies


one of the things we look forward to when my favorite young people & i go on vacation and stay in hotels or other peoples’ homes is access to a television and the hundreds of cable channels \ and so it is today on a drizzling, cold, dreary, grey clouded morning at rehoboth beach that we find ourselves glued to the tube / it was “alice in wonderland”  \ i commented that it looked like a tim burton movie / and my favorite young person said, “of course, it is” \ and we got to talking about all the tim burton movies they have seen since they were little <correlated of course with johnny depp movies> / “big fish” & “nightmare before christmas” are our favorites \ “beetlejuice” & “edward scissorhands” are close seconds / but we did not care for “charlie & the chocolate factory”

“alice” was another satisfying visual feast of the tim burton sort / the characters are naturally tim burtonish \ my favorite scene is the queen of hearts yelling out as she settles on her chair, “i need a pig here!!!!!” / and a big pink pig comes scrambling out & dutifully lies on its back \ and the bulbous headed red queen rests her aching feet on its belly / funny & cute! \ from then on i was on the lookout for the porkers

i promised my favorite young people that next year, we will come here on the week after the fourth of july instead of august / to avoid drizzling, cold, dreary, grey clouded days \ we will still have plenty of time for the telly

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