summer beer project | day 6

imagegood food & beer and the company of family / just what i needed after a long day of work <remotely from the beach> \ yes, that is how i am spending my summer beach half-vacation / but it’s okay, i like my job & my colleagues \ so it is noble rot at dinner today / a saison science project.  complexity & fermentable sugars for this funky ale come from grapes that have been infected by the benevolent fungus called botrytis, 9% abv \ does not sound pretty / but it is a technique borrowed from the finer wine \ and it did taste like white wine / though to my palate, better \ love the caesar salad& my favorite young people finally had the brownies they had been craving for

from wikipedia:  Noble rot (French: pourriture noble; German: Edelfäule; Italian: Muffa nobile; Hungarian: Aszúsodás) is the benevolent form of a grey fungus, Botrytis cinerea, affecting wine grapes. Infestation by Botrytis requires moist conditions. If the weather stays wet, the malevolent form, “grey rot,” can destroy crops of grapes. Grapes typically become infected with Botrytis when they are ripe. If they are then exposed to drier conditions and become partially raisined this form of infection brought about by the partial drying process is known as noble rot. Grapes when picked at a certain point during infestation can produce particularly fine and concentrated sweet wine. Some of the finest Botrytized wines are literally picked berry by berry in successive tries (French for “selections”).

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