buyer beware! | guest travelpost from alaska


my favorite curmudgeon is a sophisticated world traveler \ wine & beer connoisseur / finder of unusual things \ intolerant of mushrooms / & hasn’t eaten hot dogs in 29 years \ currently vacationing in alaska, MFC obliged to my request for a guest travelpost


Driving north from Anchorage to Denali National Park is over 200 miles of mostly wilderness.

The scenery can get hypnotic.

After about 188 miles, in the middle of nowhere, in a clearing on the side of road a sign appears.

Take a moment to imagine a 4 story concrete igloo.   Did you imagine boarded up windows, graffiti and peeling paint?  If not, here’s some pictures to help you next time someone asks you to imagine a dilapidated 4 story igloo in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness.

Based on 5 minutes of internet research:  The igloo was built as a hotel in the 70’s and was abandoned before it was ever occupied due to code violations (windows too small).  It’s currently for sale ($300,000).

Check out this article for more pictures:

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