a book about paris in the 1920s by hemingway

moveable feast hemingway1

a moveable feast (1964) by ernest hemingway was published three years after his death / the book is a product of literary possessions he had stored in 1928 at the ritz hotel in paris which the hotel’s management convinced him to repossess in 1956 \ originally called “the paris sketches,” the final title was chosen by his 4th wife, mary hemingway and inspired by what hemingway’s friend &  biographer, a.e. hotchner, recalled him saying:  “if you are lucky enough to have lived in paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for paris is a moveable feast.” 

the only other hemingway that i have read is “the old man and the sea” back in high school / i don’t know what i thought of hemingway back then \ but reading him now, i have to say that he is the kind of writer whose entire body of work i am inspired to delve into / i like his sparseness of words which despite this economy, expresses his thoughts effectively & beautifully  <“parsimonious” would be that same desirable quality in statistics> \ he has interesting things to say / this book in particular describes how, where and when he wrote & with whom he socialized during his creative period in paris

hemingway’s memoirs of the years he lived in paris as an expatriate writer in his mid-20s is fascinating & moving / poverty & living well in paris seem contradictory but that describes the lives of hemingway’s cohort <the so called “lost generation” which also included ezra pound, f. scott fitzgerald & ford madox ford among the well-known> \ i cannot help but think how sophisticated & cosmopolitan writers of his generation were, having spent their creative periods in europe during the time called the “roaring twenties” or the “jazz age” \ a period of social changes & cultural conflicts, a break from tradition towards “modernity”

and getting published then & now are so different! \ internet & digital technology has imploded content creation & changed the economics of publishing / in the future, can we expect a longer list of  literary classics to emerge from the digital generation of writers? \ what is the impact of the digital revolution in the literary world? / better, worse or same quality of writing?

this book is a serendipitous discovery and i am inspired to do a hemingway reading project \ i have 6 other novels,  1 other non-fiction & 6 short story collections to choose from

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