fashion faux pas? ne…plus!

white after labor day

not wearing white after labor day is passe! \ times & the climate have changed or didn’t you notice? / a subtle positive effect of global warming  is that your favorite white dress or pantsuit can now be worn much longer in the year than you’ve come to believe\ right up to columbus day!*  / or if you were ahead of the times <& climate>, you’d wear white year-round, whenever you like, as though you never left the philippines <no such rule, labor day is may 1, summer year-round>

in fact to most sensible yet fashion-conscious people, banning white after labor day is nonsense / as one of my friends <a fashion plate no less> rhetorically asked, “is the day after labor day impure?” \ another fashionable friend said, “i never believed in this no-white rule,  it’s like saying you can’t wear red after christmas, not till valentine again” / it’s like telling a new yorker, “you can wear black only 5 days out of the week” \ in a recent survey, a solid 80% actually adhere to this nonsensical rule for fear of reprisal from the unenlightened fashion police in their midst / and i feel sorry for them \ so today, the first day after labor day, i wore one of my many white dresses

*my favorite curmudgeon’s estimate of when the enlightened camp of the fashion police would reconsider it to still be fashionable

4 thoughts on “fashion faux pas? ne…plus!”

  1. You would actually be in the minority to think like that…only 32% of humanity celebrate Christmas, the rest probably think when they see your red shirt over green pants, hmmm…. daring combination of primary colors, which by the way produces brown when mixed


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