ginormous honeycrisps!

imagehoneycrisp apples have the perfect balance of sweetness & tartness, the perfect crispy texture, are hypoallergenic & can be ginormous! \ the fattest honeycrisp had a 2pi_rsqr of 13.75″ / out-waisting the grapefruit’s 13.5″ \ the regular honeycrisp was puny at  10.25″ \ 8 ginormous honeycrisps & 1 regular-sized weighed 8.27 lbs costing  $18.59 in total

my best adobo yet

imagei cannot get over how super delicious the adobo i made last week / i used my usual ~50-50 proportion of vinegar & soy sauce <slightly favoring vinegar> \ a head of crushed chopped garlic, lots of bay leaf & a healthy dash of black pepper / what was different was that i used cornish hen \ i find them to be tastier & more normal looking than regular chicken / another step i took that i do not typically do was to fry the cornish hen at the finish \ frying caramelized the vinegar-soy sauce already basted on the cornish / thus this adobo is a deeper brown & much more flavorful than my typical adobo \ note: start off with a larger quantity of the suka-toyo combi so that there’s more of the yummy sauce to put on the rice <frying reduces the sauce>

would have paired nicely with dogfish bitches brew but delivery to my local bar of this seasonal brew keeps getting moved / happily, i happened to have buko <young coconut> juice – also the best bottled version i’ve had < in the philippines, we just stick a drinking straw through the soft flesh of the buko \ really fresh coconut juice!>  well, i hope to replicate this recipe, technique & deliciousness with short spare ribs / tomorrow

illustration friday | puppet


“anti-puppet” | pencil


a book by a russian author


one day in the life of ivan denisovich” (1962) is the first published work of alexander solzhenitsyn / he was imprisoned in a labor camp for eight years for allegedly making a derogatory remark about stalin & was released in 1953 after stalin’s death \ the novel which first appeared in a soviet literary magazine, describes one typical day of a typical zek <prisoner> in a typical stalinist camp / this means brutal, dehumanizing conditions which ivan denisovich shukov manages one day at a time with both cooperative & personal  survival techniques \ the publication of the book was the first time that an account of stalinist repression was openly disseminated

i have always wanted to read the russian authors particularly dostoyevsky but their tomes sound daunting & are nearly always at least two inches thick \ so “one day” is a perfect “starter russian” / though short, the subject matter is not the most cheerful & engaging thus it took awhile to plod through \ limited time too since i only read this at work during lunch / which often made the reading situation heavily ironic \ like today <50s in pittsburgh, i.e., freezing cold to me> i was feasting on hot & hearty short rib noodle soup / meanwhile, ivan denisovich, after working outside in the freezing cold <40s in threadbare clothes>, was having his evening stew which “was much thinner than at breakfast; if they’re to work, prisoners must be fed in the morning; in the evening they’ll go to sleep anyway” / the stew had fish but “there wasn’t much fish, just a few stray bits of bare backbone. but you must chew every bone, every fin, to suck the juice out of them, for the juice is healthy. it takes time, of course, but he was in no hurry to go anywhere.” \ it makes me appreciate even more the time & place that i was born in

found this book at a library sale in the mall / i never expected to find a library branch at pittsburgh mills but there it was