choppy waters @HOTO

2014 Head of the Ohio1

with wind gusts at 26 mph at 1:12pm & conditions forecasted to deteriorate, afternoon events of the head of the ohio <HOTO> was cancelled 😦 / this is unfortunate for those who traveled from afar \ like a canadian sculler i chatted with <this was around 1pm & we were wondering why there did not seem to be any action on the river> / the singles & doubles events scheduled in the morning had already been cancelled \ he has raced HOTO before, winning several medals over the years / he was hoping to bring back a gold after a tw0-year hiatus \ happily his club’s novice 8 team will bring home a gold

the masters womens 4+ event was at 11am before the cancellation / it was rough out there! \ the waters were very choppy from launch to end! / the wind was moving against the current \ i had difficulty pulling my oars out <i’ve never been so tired & hurting post-row as today> / our cox bree was wonderful \ she had earlier coxed an 8s & gave us the heads up about the rough conditions / and her main advice was “tap down & get your blades off the water” \ how true, otherwise you’d never get it out! / then in the last quarter of the race, it poured!!! \ it was difficult to see through my rained out glasses / our time was bad but given the conditions, i think we did fine – no one caught crab \ try rowing continuously without rest for about 50 minutes on choppy waters on a 4!


about the cancelled afternoon HOTO events:


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