arts triune | sketch #1

arts triune sketch#1
the installation:  visual – “guernica” | audio – readings of “for whom the bell tolls” & the music of miles davis “concierto de aranjuez” / this assemblage comes top of mind

guernica (1937), pablo picasso | a response to the bombing of the basque village of guernica during the spanish civil war, by german & italian warplanes at the behest of spanish nationalist forces, actual date is 26 april 1937

best with headphones

concierto de aranjuez, joaquin rodrigo (1939)| performed by miles davis (1960) | inspired by the gardens at the palacio real de aranjuez \ the popular belief was that the famous 2nd movement was inspired by the bombing of guernica but not so according to his wife <the inspiration was personal> / the work premiered at the end of the spanish civil war & the beginning of the dictatorship of general francisco franco

for whom the bell tolls (1940), ernest hemingway | the story takes place in late may 1937 during the second year of the spanish civil war \ the main character is a young american in the international brigades attached to the republican guerrilla unit & was inspired by hemingway’s own experiences as a writer during that time

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