my best adobo yet

imagei cannot get over how super delicious the adobo i made last week / i used my usual ~50-50 proportion of vinegar & soy sauce <slightly favoring vinegar> \ a head of crushed chopped garlic, lots of bay leaf & a healthy dash of black pepper / what was different was that i used cornish hen \ i find them to be tastier & more normal looking than regular chicken / another step i took that i do not typically do was to fry the cornish hen at the finish \ frying caramelized the vinegar-soy sauce already basted on the cornish / thus this adobo is a deeper brown & much more flavorful than my typical adobo \ note: start off with a larger quantity of the suka-toyo combi so that there’s more of the yummy sauce to put on the rice <frying reduces the sauce>

would have paired nicely with dogfish bitches brew but delivery to my local bar of this seasonal brew keeps getting moved / happily, i happened to have buko <young coconut> juice – also the best bottled version i’ve had < in the philippines, we just stick a drinking straw through the soft flesh of the buko \ really fresh coconut juice!>  well, i hope to replicate this recipe, technique & deliciousness with short spare ribs / tomorrow

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