jerry’s records


one of the coolest record stores* in the u.s. is right here in pittsburgh \ when you’ve recently acquired a phonograph, you need records to play / jerry’s records is located on murray ave. in squirrel hill across one of my favorite chinese places \ the selection is overwhelming / yet they did not have billie holiday \ you & everyone else want her… you’re local, right? just come back again some time, said the clerk

i quickly expanded my vinyl collection of one \ the most expensive at $7 was the “exceptionally clean” ella fitzgerald sings the gershwin song book <it has the song that goes “you say toe-may-toe, i say toe-mah-toe”>/ $4 for mariachi del mundo <great party music> \ the unopened beach boys christmas album was $5 / and $4 for spain  <the song i was after in al jarreau’s this time album>

it is fun having the phono & vinyls to play \ it’s a very manual & in-the-moment curation of music / which kind of forces you to listen to each track because you’re too lazy to skip or turn the album over for the music on the other side <surprising & amusing to mfym who also wondered, how does this work? 🙂 >


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