jamon iberico take 2

imagetoday’s lunch & food finds are worth a post! / trader joe’s actually had jamon iberico today \ much much less expensive at $55.92 a pound compared to latienda.com’s <4.5x more> / but overall seemed to be of lower quality \ first, it was greasier & second, it did not taste as “fresh”, i.e., it tasted old / similar to the more expensive version though, it was not as salty as prosciutto

had it with 6-year aged cheddar cheese <nicely sharp!> which with crackers & blackberries would already have made a good light lunch together with / dogfish head beer american beauty, an imperial ipa with 9% abv \ it has the dancing bear on the label because it is a collaborative beer offering with grateful dead fans

love dogfish’s beer-music offerings* <typically limited release that would sometimes reappear> / my favorite is bitches brew after the miles davis landmark album of the same name \ but according to my local barman, it never made it to pittsburgh this season / i checked the dogfish website & true enough it is not available in pittsburgh 😦 \ but they have it in seattle! 🙂

*others that i’ve had are positive contact <alternative hip hop deltron 3030>, hellhound on my ale <bluesman robert johnson> & firefly <firefly music festival> / i’ve not seen faithfull ale <pearl jam> & beer thousand <guided by voices> available anywhere

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