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i was curious to know how many of the 33 books* i read in the past year connect to each other / i didn’t have a statistical model to sort it out, just a manual algorithm \ i obviously have a lot of time in my hands these past days 🙂

the links were apparent as i went through the books about the smuggling of 70,000 rubber tree seeds from the amazon, the “theft” of tea from china, & the re-enactment of the journey of IPA beer to india / the common historical context of these stories was trade & economics during the height of british colonial rule via the east india company \ food & how we cook our food are obviously connected / the omnivore’s dilemma & the history of white bread both speak about the industrialization of food \ some parts of the pig book i find to be pre-industrial-nostalgic

food connects to culture and this is seen in the cluster of connectedness among the story of cod, the basque country who were the early purveyors of cod & ernest hemingway \ hemingway of course is famously attached to spain & bullfighting and wrote about the spanish civil war in one of his great works “for whom the bell tolls” | a reminder of the bombing of the basque village of guernica / hemingway has described how he writes with a pencil <in “a moveable feast”> & that is how he connects to the pencil book where his well-known pencil pushing is actually mentioned \ lastly, hemingway’s prose is provided as an example in the book about the english language

the material & the spiritual cross in the books about the history of the financial industry & the exposition about eternity | both touch upon the flow & ebb of influence of the church / and bayes theorem is about beliefs \ the theorem is named after the rev. thomas bayes, a presbyterian minister who introduced statistical probability in the process of improving one’s beliefs \ not surprisingly, the theorem is being used to argue the existence|non-existence of god

*9 more than what i thought i could finish in 12 months! \ there were also 3-4 unfinished|dropped books & 1-2 not worth posting about

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