american chestnuts


my memories of christmas in the philippines are evoked by the distinct wonderful aroma of chestnuts roasting in hot stones / recently i was gifted with chestnuts picked from a neighborhood tree in butler county \ i thought at first they were buckeyes meant for the kids, it being close to halloween <with a piece of white cloth, they make great ghosts> / so x’d and placed them in the oven at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes \ indeed they were the edible chestnuts – sweet & buttery!

american chestnuts were almost wiped out by a fungus blight that hit north american chestnuts in the early 1900s, taking many decades to recover / as such the u.s. chestnut industry is just in its infancy and producing less than 1% of total world production <china is top> \ recently got chestnuts from the oriental store – they are so much larger but not as good as these neighborhood chestnuts

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