a book about disruptive technology

about disruptive technology

the innovator’s dilemma:  when new technologies cause great firms to fail (1997) by clayton m. christensen contains case studies about how companies successfully or unsuccessfully dealt with disruptive technologies \ primarily about the disruption in the disk drive industry, it also illustrated disruptions in diverse areas such as mechanical excavators <hydraulic technology>, retailing <discount stores>, steel industry <electric arc furnace which utilized steel scrap>, motorcycles <honda’s offroad bike>, and pharma <novo’s insulin pen> \ an excellent must read for marketers, business leaders & innovators / it’s like the what-to-expect series – “what to expect when you are faced with potentially disruptive technology (& how to recognize one)” 

merry xmas, happy holidays

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to friends, teammates, colleagues, teachers & coaches:  i hope you are enjoying the holiday season & taking time to just chill out / merry christmas  happy holidays \ and in 2016 – keep on rowing * paddling * erging * biking * running * hiking * golfing * footballing * yoga’ing * swimming * or whatever it is you do to keep fit & sane 

to those of you who are finishing up the holiday erg challenge, keep going – yinz almost there!

the peeps crew in their winning form:


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