hansel & gretel

hansel gretel

it’s the season for gingerbread houses & the fun of decorating them / i associate the gingerbread house with hansel & gretel which is my favorite fairy tale \ as a child, i was impressed with hansel’s ingenuity of leaving behind those white pebbles so he & his sister could trace their way back home / i was impressed by his quick mindedness in outwitting the witch by holding out a chicken bone instead of his finger, as she checked his progress in fattening up \ i sympathized with & feared for gretel / i was impressed by her bravery in killing the witch \ i was very bothered & angered by the murderous parents while at the same time afraid that adults could & would actually do this to children / what kind of father & mother would abandon their children in the woods, to be left in the cold & eaten by animals? \ and as if this was not enough, the children fall in the hands of a cannibalistic witch <not sure if “cannibalistic” is the correct term, this assumes that witches are human> / what?  she will actually cook & actually eat them? \ but i thought she was nice & grandmotherly! / as a child, i thought “could i have saved myself the way hansel & gretel did?” \ but mingled with these scary thoughts, i was also delighted by the sumptuousness of the gingerbread house – the illustrated versions were a visual feast / it was fun figuring out what confections & goodies made up the roof, the door, the windows & every other part of the house \ i have saved these two versions of hansel & gretel which i think have the best rendering in text & illustration of this dark fairy tale / i look at them (often) & the same feelings that i had when i first got acquainted with the story come back

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