binge watching

binge seriesit was a habit formed from watching defunct tv series such as pbs’s “morse” & “foyle’s war” / thanks to amazon prime, i’ve kept up <sort of> with current pop culture \ i am a big fan of rod serling’s “twilight zone” and so the sci-fi|fantasy tv series “orphan black” “grimm” & “fringe” provide great thrills \ and i learned a few things as well

“orphan black” is admirable for the versatility of the actor tatiana maslany & the well-formed characters of the many clones / the set of episodes i have not yet watched is the storyline of the male clones \ looking forward to that

i have never been to portland & i noticed that the homes there, at least those featured in “grimm” tended to be my favored architecture & design which is the craftsman style / a quick google search says that craftman houses built in the 1910s & 1920s are popular in the inner east side of portland \ the neighborhood “ladd’s addition” apparently has ~240 craftsman homes

the premise of “grimm” is that some folks particularly the bad & criminal ones are descended from mythological creatures of the grimm fairytale type <“wesen” in the grimm world> / the “grimm” him|herself is a descendant of the “guardians” who over the centuries have kept the balance of humanity & mythology – by killing the wesen \ they are called grimm – an allusion to the german brothers who famously collected folktales & mythology / for indeed these guardians themselves documented in handwritten & illustrated manuscript these creatures – what they look like, their transgressions as well as their strengths & vulnerabilities / a set of these encyclopedia has been inherited by our present day protagonist-grimm, portland police detective nick burkhardt \ it is his very valuable reference for identifying wesen & guides him into properly fighting them off <i.e., what weapon or approach to use> \ wesen are visible only to grimms & so the manual is really very helpful

of special interest to me is season 13 episode 4 “mommie dearest” where the “aswang”  <a creature of filipino folk tales which was very scary to me as a child> is featured  \ the aswang <or manananggal> is a woman who leaves the lower half of her body to fly to the roof of a pregnant woman’s home / from the roof, she would extend her tongue to reach the womb of a sleeping pregnant woman & suck up her unborn child \ to kill the aswang, spreading garlic on the bottom half that she left behind is supposed to do the trick / stylistic changes were made to the grimm aswang to make it more “realistic” <for example, the aswang‘s tensile tongue likely cannot penetrate the roofing of u.s. houses the way it can the philippine “nipa hut”> \ it was very cool to see some of my culture on mainstream american tv / and this is thanks to the filipino actor reggie lee who plays the supporting role of detective wu & suggested the aswang as a storyline \ apparently he suggested other philippine folkloric|mythical creatures/ i wonder which ones they were: tikbalang, kapre, tiyanak, dwende or nuno sa punso? among many others to choose from…

my latest binge-watch is “fringe” <directed by j.j. abrams of the latest “star wars”> \ as in fringe science / dr. walter bishop played by john noble <memorable as denethor in the movie version of “lord of the rings”> is the resident <literally> “mad” scientist who is consultant to the FBI fringe team led by agent olivia dunham \ i will soon find out in season 2 that agent dunham & other key characters are entangled in a parallel universe or alternate reality / very cooool!!!! \ we had the original “twilight zone” from  1959-1964 & its first revival in 1985-1989 and the “x-files” from 1993-2002 / i think “fringe” <2008-2013> ably carried the torch for this genre


goodbye hulton bridge

pittsburgh has 446 bridges \ last tuesday morning, one of them the 107 -year old hulton bridge was laid to rest <after completing its replacement which is right next to it> / the bridge spans the allegheny river and connects the pittsburgh suburbs of harmarville & oakmont <8-time host to the u.s. open & again in 2016> \ i have fond memories of the two-lane hulton bridge <my alternative to crossing the highland park bridge> / when fog is thick, the arch & rails and the river become invisible & it is as though you are driving through a cloudy tunnel \ it is not one of my favorite pittsburgh bridges* but i will miss it

*my favorite is the smithfield bridge, the oldest in pittsburgh / constructed in 1883, it is a lenticular truss bridge \ looks like the symbol for infinity

creepy plastic babies

duck egg plastic babies

“ally mcbeal” from the late 90s is the last tv series i ever watched regularly on a relic device called television / one of the many memorable images & characters from the show is the “dancing baby,” ally’s recurring hallucination-reminder of her ticking biological clock / the plastic babies here juxtaposed with the imposing duck egg is for a project that is yet to be hatched \ individually they can be cute but take a group of them, place anywhere & they start to look creepy



@ifri orbit

ifri orbit

“whimsical owl orbits” | watercolor


@ifri spin

ifri spin nocolor

“spin” | watercolor and pen & ink with digital effect


david bowie | 1947-2016

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The legendary musician died on Sunday of cancer. At the Awl, Alex Balk writes: “If you are under the age of 40 you live in a world he helped make, whether you’re aware of it or not. His importance transcends his work in a way that only a few other artists of his generation can claim.” Here are six stories about the rock star who left a mark on music, fashion, and art.

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david bowie

my favorite david bowie song written in collaboration with pat metheny & lyle mays \ “this is not america” from the great 1985 movie “the falcon & the snowman” / love that bowie had a female bassist gail ann dorsey

“golden years” bowie in soul train!

“life on mars”

“the man who sold the world” cover by nirvana