stickybones has exceeded its indiegogo crowdfunding goal & still has 12 days left \ i am latecomer but not too late to pre-order / it will likely sell at a higher price point when it goes to market given the interest it has generated \ can’t wait to do a stop motion animation project using this!

Stickybones is a new type of super-poseable human figure, constructed with our high-precision, patent-pending joint system.  Stickybones is made to be animated, and excels at holding poses and being smoothly positioned into highly expressive and gravity-defying poses.  Made of industrial strength materials, he’s comprised of interlocking parts with pre-tensioned, snap-to-fit, ball and sockets.  When snapped together, he becomes a highly articulated, precision-posable, bipedal character that can be smoothly and incrementally positioned and animated into an infinite range of possibilities that meet and exceed the natural human range of motion.



@ifri shelter

ifri shelter pghRower

“shelter” | watercolor


diy pinhole camera

pinhole camera

pinhole camera | barnes & noble diy kit

also called “camera obscura,” the pinhole camera is a lens-less camera / images are formed simply by the beam of light that passes through a small hole of a container & these images can be captured in film \ the sharpness or softness of the image is determined by the size of the pinhole / the exposure is determined by the available light & the size of the pinhole \ <200 asa color film was what i had handy> / to open the pinhole, i lift the viewfinder \ so far, i have used it to take pictures outside in bright light / i needed to keep the pinhole open for 1.5 seconds as the user guide suggested / indoors with low light, i would need to keep it open for 3.5 minutes to take a picture \ can’t wait to see how the pictures turn out

best guide to pinhole photography i came across:–photo-1078