a book about visionary companies

IMG_7689built to last: successful habits of visionary companies <1994> james c. collins & jerry j. porras / clock building instead of time telling, preserving core values while stimulating progress, organizational alignment & embracing the genius of AND are the basic tenets of 18 visionary companies as defined by the authors \  3m, hewlett-packard, ibm, merck, boeing, walmart, ford, motorola, procter & gamble, nordstrom, general electric, american express, marriott, citicorp, johnson & johnson, philip morris, sony, walt disney / criticisms about the thesis of the book are that 10 years later, these companies do not have the same sterling reputation & performance and that it overstates the importance of good practices over “luck” / i think that’s cynical & unfair criticism \ for the analysis period <visionary companies’ founding period 1812-1945 to the early 1990s when this research was conducted>, the companies were at the top of their game, had endured for decades, and built their clocks / i see two characteristics in the companies i admire today:  amazon, google & apple are clock builders, not time tellers and you can see that they HAVE core values & they continually innovate and move forward \ will be interesting to see how long this generation of visionary companies will last



a book about amazon