postcard from paris

birdman jeff

The Birdman of Notre Dame: Tourists pay money to put birdseed on their head for the pigeons at Notre Dame.  There were 3 guys with big bags of birdseed.  If you paid them they would put some on your head and in your hands.  The pigeons would eat out of their hands and peck their heads.  Maybe you could start doing it in Market Square.  There also were a lot of Asian brides getting photos by Notre Dame.  One with pigeons on her.

the shakespeare code

dr. who shakespeare1

happy birthday, will! / i was binge watching doctor who last night & episode 2/season 3 was “the shakespeare code” which weaves into the plot shakespeare’s lost work “love’s labour’s won” 🙂 \ delightfully funny  / love the one and only bard & the tenth doctor!

record store day pt2

tusk fleetwood mac

the other album i got from goodwill today was fleetwood mac’s 1979 experimental album “tusk” / i did not know any of the tracks listed, at least that’s what i thought \ until i heard “sara” / googling, i found that today, 2016 record store day, is when fleetwood mac reissues “alternate tusk” \ how weird is that?  for me to find & select this record from a stack of old unwanted vinyl / and “sara” is just beautiful