IMG_8418the last time i attended a presidential campaign rally was a historic moment, obama 2008 \ tonight was yet another historic moment, hillary 2016 <her well-chosen vp is the jesuit-educated spanish-speaking tim kaine>/ an awesome surprise was the appearance of pittsburgher mark cuban, successful venture capitalist & innovator <he is our kind of billionaire businessman!> and the 42nd president, bill clinton!

without a doubt, hillary clinton should be our next president / the presidency would be a continuation of her lifelong service for the public good \ she brings to bear experience & knowledge / i am confident that she will work to make our economy robust & strong, enforce stricter gun control, protect obamacare which provides healthcare to millions of americans, make education accessible & affordable to all so that our current & future workforce remains competitive, and maintain our strong leadership in the world stage



“biere de provence” / saison with lavender, marjoram & bay leaves \ pairs nicely with basil chicken that’s loaded with garlic cloves, ginger & chili! / funny that one review says it tastes like vicks vaporub \ eucalyptus is a nicer way to describe / it works well with a strong flavored spicy dish \ bottle label & 4-pack packaging look pretty



“palo santo marron” infused with coffee beans / tastes like cappuccino! \ with palo santo marron bacon chocolate cheesecake & brownie sundae \ yum!

a  randall, a dogfish invention, connects to the beer tap & enhances the beer with additional flavor / today, it’s coffee beans!