grimm_renardthere were a lot of tears in our household on tuesday night / falling sick with flu-like symptoms right after that kept my mind off from my intense disappointment \ but not after reflecting on what happened / the formerly voiceless, economically dislocated citizens who have a bleak view of the future won this contest \ and my hope for the first female u.s. president was shot down / that desire seems like a vanity now, after knowing the places & people where & whom hillary lost \ it is far more important to address economic dislocation & insecurity than breaking the glass ceiling / but i certainly hope that this outcome did not & will not legitimize racism, misogyny & bigotry…

binge watching season 5 of grimm was quite therapeutic with its 22 episodes of fantasy & a few distorted parallels to the current reality \ in the final episodes, sean renard has been elected mayor of portland / he is a disfavored “royal” who is now on the side of the “black claw” \ the black claw seeks to change the world into one where “wesens” <creatures, mostly bad, told about in the legends, myths & folklore collected by the grimm brothers> do not have to hide their true selves from society <they actually should, since most of them are truly despicable \ the true believers are murderous, killing those who stand in their way, even their fellow wesens> / thus they covertly begin their route to legitimacy by getting renard elected into public office \ season 5 ends with the “hadrian wall” a secret federal agency formed to fight the black claw being decimated / it remains for detective nick burkhardt <the eponymous grimm> & likeminded associates to carry on the fight


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